About us

URLCracks is a website for publishing scenes, better known for software, games, cracks, APK, and more. Compete in time, providing a friendly interface that provides for an easier and more organized search for files. Urlcracks do not burn files or tight-ups of no content and files, we only provide a file index that has been published on the Internet, like most search engines.

We are proud of our gentle team and moderators, the whole team began working in 2022. We built a real family to contribute to the UrlCracks website. We are happy to see all the beautiful people on board, with their help and donations, this site will continue to work and entertain forever (hope).

The main goal is to provide all the easiest and users -friendly UrlCracks interfaces to find and download the files they want in a safer way. We continue to process the site, to make the best of what is possible to set new standards between other sites. Finally, I am grateful to our friendly community for inspiring and encouraging us to do what we did.

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